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About Placement Productions

Web-videos - Social Media - Non-profits - Cable Commercials  

Placement Productioins LLC is a full service Video Production Company serving the New York Metro area. Owners Earl and Anita Peterson saw an opportunity as technology started to blossom with the advent of services such as YouTube, iPads, smartphones and other digital platforms. Companies now had a new way to reach the public.


         Earl and Anita have more than 50 years of Media experience combined.  Earl is an award-winning journalist, working for news organizations such as NPR, Bloomberg News, CNBC, Fox Business Network and CBS News. Earl brings 30 years’ experience as a writer and producer to each job, his experience as a reporter and writer means the client’s message is heard and delivered. Anita’s 20 years experience in advertising and marketing was the perfect complement to the business, her experience working with Hershey, Heinz, Proctor and Gamble and Mastercard to name a few has made her an expert at branding concepts and products. Anita has also been an actress for most of her life and does many of the voiceovers when needed.


         Placement Productions can handle any job regardless of size and everything is done based on the clients needs.

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